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Thursday, November 15, 2007

November 14th

Oh my gosh, did we have some fun today. We had a new 11month pug, Benson, join us today and he was an instant hit with Roxy, Ollie and Sidney. When Ollie went home and the others were busy Benson decided to go round to each dog and try them out for a play, including the lovely Noni (who is about 5 times the size of Benson!). Cookie and Roxy were also renewing their friendship by seeing who runs the fastest around the daycare.

Boomer is developing crushes on so many of our ladies including Molly and Cookie. Molly in turn is also the twinkle in Max the springer spaniel’s eye. I guess there just must be something in the air!

November 12th

Today I met the smallest dog I’ve ever seen (and I thought nothing would be smaller than Breeanna’s Pomeranians or Bella and Wailea when they were younger –they’re getting big now). We have Annie, a 4 month old Chihuahua staying with us and hanging out with Wailea and Sidney. Annie is pretty good at tug o’ war for such a small dog and gave the growing Wailea a run for her doggie treats.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

November 7, 2007

I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched Riley the large Golden retriever being pummeled by Boston Terrier kisses from Ollie and Sidney today. Riley was just happy to have someone to play with as he lay on his back accepting their advances as Boomer was too sleepy after his playing earlier. I only wish I’d gotten a picture of it.

Also we’re currently enjoying the company of Max our latest rescue and train dog who we are fostering from the Senior Springer Spaniel rescue. Max is 12, has the kind of bark that makes you think he’s losing his ‘voice’ and the biggest, floppiest lips for throwing slobber around. He joins Goofy, our other rescue and train, who has made leaps and bounds in his training including being able to walk comfortably on the treadmill (something that he HATED originally)!

November 5, 2007

Mondays are puppy manners days and we have some lovely little pups attending classes. In addition to the classes we have a bunch of other puppies who also attend regular daycare. We have great fun with Boomer (who is losing his baby teeth all over the day care!), Sophie and Eleanor (who are the friendliest, softest, teeniest little pups I’ve ever met and who you can only tell apart from the colour of their noses!) and Champ(who has far too much skin for his little boxer frame!). Between them and the slightly older, teenage dogs, Monday daycare has become a proper doggie kindergarten with more energy, more water bowls being knocked over and more play bows than ever before!

Monday, October 8, 2007

3 October 2007

A new month, a new rescue and train dog and LOTS of new doggie friendly products at Doggie Oasis!

As Bailey X left us last month to be re-homed through the Weimerarner rescue center we have been able to offer a home to Nick a six year old Mini-Schnauzer from the southern Nevada Schnauzer rescue center. He is a friendly little dog who’s white fur has nearly all been shaved off (a fresh start!) and currently looks very un-schnauzer-like especially when you see him next to our regular schnauzer guest, Barkley! Everyone who meets him thinks he’s just lovely but I’m sure with winter coming in Nick will be looking forward to having his fur back! The staff here are teaching him some basic commands that he doesn’t seem to know (or has perhaps forgotten) such as ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘down’. After just a few days there has already been a remarkable improvement of his understanding of these manners and he’ll soon have mastered all the commands ready to be re-homed!

With the recent pet product convention, superzoo, in town Elissa has brought us a whole bunch of new and exciting retail items. We have treats made from sweet potatoes, two new sizes of break-fast bowls (the bowls that help slow the dogs who scoff down their food!), some paw-zzle balls which we use in the daycare ourselves, some clever little contraptions called pet-tops which you can attach to a regular bottle of water which allows dogs to drink from the bottle and a bunch of new toys. Elissa also bought some new large balls for the daycare which the dogs are currently figuring out how to play with!

In other news, Monday’s puppy manners classes are getting busier with the new puppy season and I, for one, am particularly enjoying the influx of incredibly energetic puppies on Mondays! I think I am more tired than the dogs after a day playing with Wailea, Molly and Parker!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Doggie Oasis Happenings

---The Doggie Oasis Blog is written by the British member of our staff, Michelle---

With a holiday weekend over and most of our holiday boarders back at home with their parents things feel a little quiet here though it’s nice to see our regular mid-weekers back.

We’ve recently noticed Maddie the Retriever (who could be Riley’s sister they look so similar) playing catch with herself when the other dogs are too tuckered out to play with her. She drags a ball up the slide of our toy castle (always fun to watch dogs climbing up the slide by the way!), pushes the ball back down the slide then chases after it like a dog on a mission!

On the subject of Maddie, she and Finnegan love, love, love, to try and catch the water that often shoots from spray bottles and hosepipes around here. Makes it hard to do the cleaning sometimes (try washing down the floors with two energetic dogs making a run for the water!) but totally worth it to see their little heads following the path of the water!

Due to the number of requests for them, Elissa is making a drive to get some more webcams up and running including our newly installed MiniRoom camera so that the little guys get some screen time too! If you checked it out today you may have seen Bella the Boston Terrier, wrestling Cody the Bichon Frise and Cozi the Maltese/Shih Tzu mix for the little blue tennis ball!

Friendships formed this week included JayJay, the new puppy Dachshund, and Wailea who have been getting on really well since the moment they met at JayJay’s evaluation. Triscuit and Sadie have also really bonded and spent the day wrestling and chasing each other with barely a nap to break up the day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Post 1

---The Doggie Oasis Blog is written by the British member of our staff, Michelle---

As part of our pleasure in talking about dogs we’re trying out the idea of writing a day care blog so that we can share some of the fun of working with dogs with a wider audience!

In case you don’t already know, Bailey, a beautiful Weimerarner mix, is our current rescue and train dog . He’s been with us a month or so and has really become part of the Doggie Oasis family. He likes to play with such regulars as Riley the Retriever, Cosmo the big German Shepherd and many others. He has also very recently bonded with Tally the Doberman who has just started boarding with us. They make a very striking couple especially when spotted this morning having a dog nap together! Tally was actually a bit unsettled when she first arrived to board with us so it’s wonderful to see these two together and happy!

In other news, it was Boston terrier central today with 4 of the little guys with us including Facci, Sidney, Diego and Bella (who spent a lot of her time napping with Wailea in the mini room!). Luckily they all have different personalities, which made it easy to tell them apart!

We had an excellent group for playing with toys today with Casper and Roxy actually bringing the ball back to us so we could throw it for them and the others (Nina, Sidney, Avo, Shayla and Jagger)! Hopefully we had some tired dogs going home!