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Monday, October 8, 2007

3 October 2007

A new month, a new rescue and train dog and LOTS of new doggie friendly products at Doggie Oasis!

As Bailey X left us last month to be re-homed through the Weimerarner rescue center we have been able to offer a home to Nick a six year old Mini-Schnauzer from the southern Nevada Schnauzer rescue center. He is a friendly little dog who’s white fur has nearly all been shaved off (a fresh start!) and currently looks very un-schnauzer-like especially when you see him next to our regular schnauzer guest, Barkley! Everyone who meets him thinks he’s just lovely but I’m sure with winter coming in Nick will be looking forward to having his fur back! The staff here are teaching him some basic commands that he doesn’t seem to know (or has perhaps forgotten) such as ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘down’. After just a few days there has already been a remarkable improvement of his understanding of these manners and he’ll soon have mastered all the commands ready to be re-homed!

With the recent pet product convention, superzoo, in town Elissa has brought us a whole bunch of new and exciting retail items. We have treats made from sweet potatoes, two new sizes of break-fast bowls (the bowls that help slow the dogs who scoff down their food!), some paw-zzle balls which we use in the daycare ourselves, some clever little contraptions called pet-tops which you can attach to a regular bottle of water which allows dogs to drink from the bottle and a bunch of new toys. Elissa also bought some new large balls for the daycare which the dogs are currently figuring out how to play with!

In other news, Monday’s puppy manners classes are getting busier with the new puppy season and I, for one, am particularly enjoying the influx of incredibly energetic puppies on Mondays! I think I am more tired than the dogs after a day playing with Wailea, Molly and Parker!