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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

News, photos

Construction on our bigger side and potty room are almost done. I peeked under the construction plastic and it looks fantastic! We added tile along the bottom of the walls, some new wall coverings, and resealed the rubber mats. The potty room is getting new walls and a refresher coat of friction floor treatment. I'm sure the dogs are as eager as we are to have their potty room back!

Also, Victoria, who has worked for Doggie Oasis for three years, is now a groomer! She starts in February; call or stop by to check out her prices. She will work Wedesday-Friday from 11am-7pm. As always, we still offer self baths for $10 and if your dog is staying with us, we will give him or her a bath for $25.

On to the good stuff, the pictures!

Boomer is on the left and Triscuit is on the right. Triscuit is our most frequent guest; she and Boomer started at Doggie Oasis as puppies together. We haven't seen Boomer in over a year, but I guess you never forget your first love, because they immediately remembered each other and began playing. Triscuit is very particular with the dogs she chooses to play with, and Boomer is the only one she ever let sit on her head and chew on her butt. Now that is love.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

cast: Raja

This big sweetie is Raja. His tongue is too big for his head so he often walks around with his tongue out. I snapped this pic and he looks like he's poo-pooing something, but really he's just a big love bug and a perfect dog model. He has amazing patience for holding still, like he knows what you're doing with the little silver flashing box you're holding.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cast: Riley puggle and Peyton Manning

Riley the puggle is our most frequent puggle guest. Like most puggles, he's got energy to play the entire day with more to spare! If you see a streak of tan out of the corner of your eye running at full speed, it's probably going to be Riley. He's a favorite wrestling partner for many of our high-energy guests.

Peyton Manning is a popular guy here at Doggie Oasis. Spry and handsome, if daycare were a high school, Peyton would definitely be captain of the basketball team. He gets all the girls and always has other dogs following him around, looking to him to show them what's cool.
Wow! It's 2009! We had a great holiday season. The staff had a wonderful time with Secret Santa this year. Some of us (who will remain nameless!) went a little crazy with the doggie treats and toys. We can't help it, we love our Doggie Oasis dogs so much!

As you can see, the blog hasn't been updated in almost a year because Michelle left Doggie Oasis. My name is Justina and I started working here in late July, and I hope to bring you more stories and even better, more pictures and videos this coming year.

To start off, I'm going to start posting some pictures of our crazy cast of characters (and characters they definitely are). Stay tuned!