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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Doggie Oasis Happenings

---The Doggie Oasis Blog is written by the British member of our staff, Michelle---

With a holiday weekend over and most of our holiday boarders back at home with their parents things feel a little quiet here though it’s nice to see our regular mid-weekers back.

We’ve recently noticed Maddie the Retriever (who could be Riley’s sister they look so similar) playing catch with herself when the other dogs are too tuckered out to play with her. She drags a ball up the slide of our toy castle (always fun to watch dogs climbing up the slide by the way!), pushes the ball back down the slide then chases after it like a dog on a mission!

On the subject of Maddie, she and Finnegan love, love, love, to try and catch the water that often shoots from spray bottles and hosepipes around here. Makes it hard to do the cleaning sometimes (try washing down the floors with two energetic dogs making a run for the water!) but totally worth it to see their little heads following the path of the water!

Due to the number of requests for them, Elissa is making a drive to get some more webcams up and running including our newly installed MiniRoom camera so that the little guys get some screen time too! If you checked it out today you may have seen Bella the Boston Terrier, wrestling Cody the Bichon Frise and Cozi the Maltese/Shih Tzu mix for the little blue tennis ball!

Friendships formed this week included JayJay, the new puppy Dachshund, and Wailea who have been getting on really well since the moment they met at JayJay’s evaluation. Triscuit and Sadie have also really bonded and spent the day wrestling and chasing each other with barely a nap to break up the day!