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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sadie and Friday

Shot last Thursday, Sadie shows off her spin moves, and Friday deigns to play with a girl.

The happenings at Doggie Oasis Day Care in Las Vegas, NV on January 26th, 2010

As you can see, Keoni and Fritzi are being affectionate and the rest of the pups are wrestling enthusiastically. Other than that, it's pretty slow here today!

Meet our new rescue!

Hoagie is an 11 year old shepherd/pit mix.  He comes to us from Second Chance Animal Rescue and really needs a new home.  He is great with kids and other dogs, but doesn’t really care for cats.

If you are interested in adopting Hoagie, please come inside.

Monday, January 25, 2010

NFC/AFC Champions

Well! Both Peyton Mannings must be happy about the results of yesterday's Colts/Vikes game.  One being the quarterback for Indianapolis and the other being the much cuter doggie version:

He picked Indy to win, obviously, and is our drawing winner this week!  He will win a $25 gift certificate good for any Doggie Oasis service.

The Vikings/Saints game was a very exciting game -- tied at the end of the fourth quarter with 19 seconds left and Brett Favre makes a terrible decision to throw, resulting in a pick instead of a five yard gain he could have run for to give his team a chance to kick a field goal to win.  Instead, the game goes into overtime and the Saints pull out a victory with a 40 yard field goal.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated throughout the season.  The Colts vs. Saints game should be a good one, enjoy!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Baldwin's sister, Augustina, is sick and at the vet.  We're sending all our love, pretty girl!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

After Hours Club

Some of my favorite times are late in the day when most of the dogs have gone home and there are just the boarders and the late pick-ups.  Since there are fewer dogs, it gives us a chance to bond with the dogs that are left without it being so crazy.  The dogs are (mostly) tired, and we can just sit and snuggle or play a light game of ball without thirty dogs chasing it! :)

Here are some pictures from last evening:

 Eddie sleeps on Rebekah's lap, Rosebud comes over for a kiss.

 Siv naps on a lap.

 Siv has somehow found this position comfortable, and Eddie wants his lap back.

 He circles, looking for a good angle.


 Siv just notices she's got a Cairn Terrier sleeping on her.


Roxy and Monty share a toy.

Aww, looks like Eddie lost his spot again.

 Rosebud chills in the fort.

 A little tug-o-war.

 Zoe tests Monty's willingness to play.

Willing and able, Zoe!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Moose and Maximillion with Victoria, Rosebud wants in too




















Cavalier King Charles tries to get Husky to play

Maximillion wants to play with Zoe, but Zoe just wants to play with her toy.

Dogs playing ball

Drew plays fetch with the pack on Monday, Jan 18, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

Divisional Woofball results

This week in NFL news, Indy beat Baltimore, Minnesota crushed Dallas, NY Jets squeaked a win past San Diego, and the Saints roared back from late season losses to beat the Cardinals with an impressive 45-14 score.

And in DOW (Doggie Oasis Woofball) news, Foreclosed Upon Pets beat last week's rescue group, the Bassett rescue, by $3!

Our drawing winner this week is Jagger!  He will receive a $25 gift card off any Doggie Oasis service.  I see a bath in your future, Jagger-man! :)

The AFC/NFC Championship Round is this week!  The Jets play at Indianapolis while the Vikings take on the Saints in New Orleans.  The winners get to go to the Superbowl, which is played in Miami this year.  Should be a great game, whoever gets in!

This week's rescue group is Animal Adoptions Ltd.:

Betty Honn founded Southern Nevada's first no-kill, non-profit animal sanctuary in 1968.  Since then, volunteers, contributors and patrons have made our daily operations possible.

Betty passed away in 1997, but not before saving countless thousands of animals from needless euthanasia.  Her daughter, Teresa now continues the work, and is committed to fulfilling her mother's vision.

For more than 30 years, from kittens to Kodiaks, Betty Honn's Animal Adoptions, Ltd.  has provided refuge for animals.

Animal Adoptions, Ltd. houses over 50 domestic animals. Every adoptable animal's history is known to us and that information is used in finding them new homes.  Caretakers provide one-on-one attention to each animal through handling and daily exercise.
It our responsibility and policy to have all pets in our care spayed or neutered before they are placed into their new homes.  This includes puppies and kittens who come into our care.  Please be a responsible pet owner and spay or neuter your pet(s). 

Again, thanks to everyone who donated this week.  Good luck this weekend!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


In case you haven't seen our Facebook fan page in a while (or ever!) check it out:

We post tons of pictures there.  It's a great interactive place to "hang out" here at Doggie Oasis!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pretty girl

Sidney is particularly photogenic today!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mr. Popular

Keoni is VERY popular with the pups of Doggie Oasis. Among his entourage....


 Norman, #1 Keoni Fan.  President of his fan club. Has a Keoni poster up in his bedroom.

 Tanner, or mini-Keoni.

 Bowzer and Brody

 Ethie, Tucker




...And of course, his butt is a great pillow!